Healing Results

A True Blessing!

I have had two remote healings from Hortensia. Both times I felt healed and supported by this amazing woman. Hortensia's gift is real even though there are thousands of miles between us. I received healings that took away my physical pain from pancreatic cysts. I am sure that they are no longer there. I also received such a sense of well-being and peace of mind.

– Diane S. (Tasmania, Australia)

Blessed By Hortensia's Humble and Special Gift

In 2013 someone close to me faced an unusual, serious and non-operable condition. Three out of four of his neck arteries feeding his brain had dissected (pulled apart inside) with one carotid artery sealed shut. No clear reason for this was found, he was in otherwise very good health.

It was deemed inoperable… a positive outcome was not to be expected from surgery and considerable damage could be done.

I am a spiritual person, intuitive, I sensed something very special in Hortensia. I do not easily believe claims of special powers and I must say, the patient more so. But with much hope and a bit of skepticism, I asked Hortensia to review his situation and see if she could help. We both believe with the help of her multiple healings he is now deemed stable and has adequate blood flow to his brain much to the pleasant surprise of his doctors.

– Donna M. (Florida, USA)

Skeptical at First ~ Really Amazing

I have had uterine fibroids for four years, but I don't believe in surgery. My boyfriend has asked me to see Hortensia many times. I let Hortensia give me treatments.

The third treatment made me feel very special. The pain in my stomach disappeared. The second round of treatments my cold stomach was relieved. The little belly was warm and soft. It used to be hard and had a cold feeling.

I have done a total of three treatments at this time. My uterine fibroids have been reduced, the previous stomach pain is completely gone, really amazing, I have to say she is really good spirit sent by God to help me.

– Yang H. (Nanning, Guanxi, China)



Transforming into a Better Version of Myself

When I heard about the work Hortencia performs, I was curious to try. At this point in my life I am in the process of awakening and transforming into my higher self.

Naturally through this transformation I am attracting people, situations, opportunities and amazing moments of growth and awareness. I found myself searching for things to feed the soul. I am becoming more aware of internal energies and how they take up space inside our physical mind and body. Certain energies have the ability to impair your body from functioning at full potential; physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Hortensia helped me transform into a better version of myself!

– Ari (California, USA)

Felt Light and Renewed

I met Hortensia who instantly told me that I had an issue with my spleen. ... I've been struggling to heal my body and couldn't figure out why my hair hasn't been growing or my skin would be inflamed when I would eat clean, juice, take herbs and try different sorts of cleanses. I tried everything yet I didn't know the actual cause of it.

After our first session, I felt so light and renewed. She noticed I wasn't able to breathe out of both of my nostrils during the healing, which I forgot to mention on the page I wrote of things I wanted to be brought to the surface, and after we were done, I was finally able to breathe fully through my diaphragm, chest, and nostrils with no struggle. The second healing was to help me focus and she found that my third eye was very blocked. I felt the sensations of her energy work through the different parts of my body that desperately needed the attention and to be released.

That day I received the craziest vision during the healing. I saw all the elements in different aspects, and became them. She has helped me and so many people I love around me with her divine gifts. I cherish the healings I had with Hortensia and I hope to work with her more. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for whatever it may be with an open heart and mind.

Angie (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Little Did I Know How My Life Would Change
A friend introduced me to Hortensia in 2014. ... He explained that unlike most hands on healing modalities, integrated healing does not require to touch the patient and is mainly focused on cleaning the energetic body of a person before energising it.

My personal life was going through a huge transformation. I was in the middle of a long drawn out divorce and found myself vulnerable and anxious. The prospect of moving home and starting all over again felt daunting.

Hortensia was a real lifesaver. My self esteem was low and I felt like a deer which had been let out into the wilderness soon to be surrounded by hungry wolves. ... She healed and held me, never judging, but giving me encouragement to be the independent, powerful woman I was born to be.

Integrated healing will clear, heal and balance you on many levels. Hortensia works with her clients to heal the physical, emotional and higher energetic bodies. Her insight and experience are vast. Her compassion and patience for her clients unmeasurable.

As for myself, I have started to take Integrated healing workshops and bless the day I met Hortensia.

Manuela W. (UK)

I Have Never Seen Such a Rapid Recovery

My mother had surgery to replace her left hip. She received healing from Hortensia during and after the surgery for two weeks. My brother did not know about the healings, but he called me to report that our mom woke up from the surgery feeling very happy and looking as if nothing happened. She had no pain for the first day and very little pain during the entire recovery. A few hours after waking up from the surgery, she ate a full meal, which medical staff reported was unusual, yet remarkable. The day after her surgery she got up with the physical therapist, surprising him by being able to walk all the way down the hall, slowly with a walker. Within a week she was able to get out of bed and wheelchair independently.

As an occupational therapist who has worked with many total hip replacement patients, I have never seen such a rapid recovery. When my mother had her other hip replaced several years ago she had a lot of pain, was very unhappy and irritable. She had to be hospitalized for internal bleeding, she had difficulty with her blood being too thin, diarrhea, respiratory infection, and time spent in a nursing home as a result. This time, with Hortensia’s daily healings, she did not experience any of these symptoms, had a pleasant attitude, was cheerful, had no medical complications and was walking without an assistance device in about six weeks.​

Thank you Hortensia for your amazing healings!

Susan O. (Big Island, Hawaii)

Given Me My Excitement for Life Back!
[Hortensia has] worked wonders on me! Yesterday I woke up with such vigor and positivity—I felt so much lighter! [She has] given me my excitement for life back...! I turned on music and danced around the house while I did chores—something I’ve typically always done, but realized I hadn’t done ONCE since moving ... Along with that, I woke up feeling like I had a purpose again—something I, sadly, had forgotten about these past couple of months...

Both yesterday and today I took time to meditate, stretch, and have some “me” time. I also went on a good bike ride and am looking forward to doing something active and outdoors... I want to keep these positive feelings and this wonderful energy going! I’ve already begun looking at more jobs online and have a real desire and excitement to put myself out there to find a job where I can learn and teach and meet new people. So things are definitely looking up!

I really think our one visit has done more for me than any doctor, counselor, or any other mainstream health professional could have done for me!

Molly B. (Oahu, Hawaii)

I Highly Recommend Hortensia's Healing Power to Anyone

I have done a fair amount of work on my spiritual, mental and physical wellbeing over the years. I have used many different healing modalities and techniques which are all based on the fundamental understanding of connection and alignment (at all scales) to the unified field. All of which are based on an understanding that I gained through the most excellent and groundbreaking work of Nassim Haramein and the Resonance Science Foundation (RSF). Yet up until recently, I had never experienced a ‘non-local’ remote healing session from another, despite utilising the field directly and understanding the theory on how 'remote healing' is actually possible; through what is called the spacememory network (or spacetime).

It was through the RSF contributing member network that I first connected with Hortensia. She has been part of the RSF since the early days and lived and worked at the RSF HQ - when it was situated on Kauai in Hawaii—as their resident healer. Being the beautiful soul that she is, it wasn’t long after we connected that we were sharing experiences, and after finding out about the work that I am currently undertaking, that she kindly offered me a remote healing session, which I gladly accepted. It had dawned on me, weeks prior to our meeting—and especially during our conversations—that I had a few energetic blockages that were preventing me from moving forward personally and with my work.

After agreeing a time and space, and after describing any observations and feelings regarding my overall mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health to Hortensia, I left the rest up to her. The evening of the healing (which was scheduled to be whilst I slept), just before lying down to sleep I felt what can only be described as a warm rush of energy though my entire body. Upon waking I felt noticeably lighter and an obvious abdominal tension—which I now realise had been building up over the past few months—had released.

Over the next month during which I received yet another ‘fine tuning,' follow-up messages, and an online chat with Hortensia—I was able to process and release further tensions in my root and sacral chakras which, unbeknown to me, were having an effect on my relationship with my partner (which is now stronger than ever!). The release of these blockages allowed me to physically process what I believe to be my last remaining kidney stone, move more stones though my bladder and sit with the pain much more comfortably than in previous experiences. I have also been able to process some inner grief and guilt and I am now clearly able to recognise the difference between my own anxiety (which is rare) and that of others, which is projected onto me. This has also allowed me to sit in my awareness and to be able to hold space for others far more effectively.

Overall my mental, physical and spiritual health and my work have taken a big step forward, all of which I am certain is not only a result of Hortensia’s healing power and professional attention, but also from her loving friendship.

Due to my experience, it is without a doubt that I highly recommend Hortensia’s healing power to anyone, for anything! The fact that it is energetic and that ‘everything’ is energy, means that one can be anywhere in the world to reap the far-reaching benefits; as 'non-local’ connection and 'non-linear’ interactions are indeed possible, as we can now understand from the groundbreaking work in the field of unified science.

So my thanks and love to you Hortensia, for your energy healing expertise, your guidance and for your loving friendship.

I am forever grateful… ❤️🙏💪

– Rob B., Resonance Project (England, UK)

Eternally Grateful for the Wonderful Healing Session

I had literally lost the will to live. My energy had been so depleted by a continuous bombardment of psychic attacks over many years and the last straw was when I found my precious kitten decapitated. He was an angel who has been with me in many incarnations. I fell deeper and deeper into a black hole of grief and despair and literally could not function or stop crying.

[Hortensia] helped me let go and healed my heart and holes in my aura. Thanks to [her] I had energy to continue. I will be eternally grateful and thank God that he sent you.

So many are traumatized and need your awesome healing gifts you have managed to rise above your own pain to help others and embody what Christ taught.

– Cara B. (Sarasota, Florida)

Wow! I Feel So Much Better

Hortensia did distance healing on me for my plantar fasciitis and it is affecting my knee too. She did the healing on me in my sleep. I woke up with so much more energy, I found myself cleaning the backyard and doing more before I remembered that she had done the healing on me. Wow! I feel so much better today we even went walking in the woods, which I haven't done for a while. The pain is almost gone and we leave for vacation tomorrow and I am so happy I will be able to enjoy it now!

If you get the chance you should definitely get a healing from her; she is a miracle worker. So much gratitude and joy and wishing her many, many blessings in return.

Corrine F. (Big Island, Hawaii, USA)

I Not Only Found Immediate Relief, But Lasting Relief

As someone who suffers from migraines and headaches, I find it hard to balance the needed self care time and "wasted time" of missed productivity or family engagement. Particularly, when I wake with a migraine, they are the most stubborn to defeat because they've had time to embed in my brain and carry out a longer prison sentence, affecting every aspect of my day. Once broken, these migraines linger... waiting for the slightest trigger to reemerge.

With Hortensia's healing touch, I not only found immediate relief, but lasting relief. After our session, I slept for approximately 40 minutes, waking without a migraine. My state of peace and connection within was so strong that I drifted about my consciousness for an additional hour.

Afterwards, that typical need of going about my day tiptoeing around my triggers was eliminated and I was free to return to life as normal. I highly suggest working with Hortensia, since her approach is caring and her effectiveness is superb.

– Barbara A. (New York, USA)

So Thankful for Hortensia!!!!

One of my best friends went through a psychic break. She became suicidal and dissociated after being triggered by a break up with her boyfriend. ... Her suicidal break manifested in self-harm and constant attempts at finding objects to hurt herself. She has a lot of friends who came to her aid and watched her 24/7 for three days.

As an alternative, I called Hortensia and asked her to do a remote healing for my friend. I did not tell my friend I did this. Within 24 hours, she had calmed down, gotten real sleep, and woke up feeling less anxious. The suicidal obsession had receded!

After that we were able to talk with her reasonably. She decided to seek counseling on her own accord. I am thankful my friend is alive and well. I am grateful for Hortensia's reaching out to my friend's spirit. It's been a few months and my friend is keeping her head up, communicating her struggles when she suspects instability, and has been engaging in community support groups as well. I am so thankful for Hortensia!!!!

– Maria T. (St. Petersburg, Florida, USA)​

Worked Wonders on Me!

I had a migraine and in desperation messaged Hortensia stating that I needed help. I honestly didn't expect her to reply since we already had a session scheduled for that week. But she did! I could feel her removing energy from my head. My head felt lighter, but I was still in pain. I took a nap and in an hour, I was up and went grocery shopping. Within three hours from when she worked on me, the pain was gone.

– Kristine B. (USA)

Nothing Short of Magical as a Healer and a Person

Hortensia is nothing short of magical, as a healer and as a person. She has worked on my family and I in person and remotely for many years and helped us with all kinds of issues from severe acute pain, fevers, chronic persistent joint pain, coughs, colds—I could go on and on. Her results are absolutely undeniable, fast, effective and lasting. Her abilities are truly unique. I am so grateful to have her in our lives. I truly could not recommend her more highly.

– Stephanie H. (California, USA)

A Gifted and Loving Healer

I had been experiencing some stomach issues and she offered to do a session with me. I am very particular on who I allow to work on me as I also work with energy and understand how important it is to only allow someone into my field who is working with source energy. I had no hesitation in allowing Hortensia to do a session with me. I felt the results immediately, my stomach pains were gone and she was able to tell me the source of the issue. Since then she has done a few sessions with me and each time, I felt immediate results. This beautiful lady is definitely a gifted and loving healer.

– Linda Z. (Bali, Indonesia)

Hortensia is Fabulous at Her Work!

I was feeling very drained due to certain personal challenges and that was also translating into physical pain. I felt like I would have to go to the hospital in a few hours and I consulted Hortensia. This lovely, kind lady worked on me for more [than] an hour and I felt the difference immediately! The next morning I was back to my energetic self and felt like there was a sea change in just 24 hours. Hortensia is fabulous at her work!!

– Rima M. (India)

Hortensia is an Amazing Healer

Hortensia is an amazing healer. She did so much for me I don't think I even know it all. 🙂 System detox, cleared up my chakras so I was open to receive all that was coming to me, and she eliminated some aggravating hip pain that I have had for years. I feel better than I have in years. 🥰

– Romina C. (Sydney, Australia)

One Session with Hortensia and My Suffering Released

I live in Australia and travel the world including USA. As a published author that writes about health and healing, I have come across many healing modalities and many so-called healers. Of all of the healers I have met and worked with, Hortensia is right at the top of my list. She is my go-to person when I'm really stuck or have a challenging situation in my life both emotionally and physically.

I recall one healing session I had with her after my marriage ended and I had been really struggling emotionally for more than a year, as well as the physical symptoms that had appeared as lower back and neck pain. One Celestial Healing session with Hortensia and my suffering released, and suddenly I was seeing life in a new light. My lower back and neck pain also dissolved soon afterwards.

This is just one example of many very successful healings over the years I have had with Hortensia. If you are struggling with any life challenges, may it be physical or emotional, do yourself a favor and have a session with Hortensia. She is the Real Deal!

– Steven (Byron Bay, Australia)

Hortensia Is the Real Deal

Hortensia is extremely skilled and this challenge had incredible value. She takes you to a deep place of knowing through her meditations and validation. I never realized how much validation of our gifts really has an impact on how we use them and strengthen them. I found myself more attentive and hearing new nuggets and upgrading because of her beautiful accent and way she teaches. She is the real deal, bringing the heartfelt Lemurian vibe of the Islands into your heart.

– Shannon V. (Utah, USA)

Safe and Intuitive Healing Process

I have suffered from misalignment in my spine and pelvis for over 10 years. In that span of time, I’ve had X-rays and MRIs in attempts to identify the problem and have gone to countless chiropractors across the country, tried acupuncture, massage, reiki, prolotherapy, herbal supplements, medications and physical therapy. While I knew that my emotional state and past trauma was linked to my physical pain, I had not previously found a treatment that effectively addressed both areas. In addition, previous practitioners in the medical field had dismissed my pain, patronizing me for having unexplainable excruciating back pain at a young age. I work in conservation biology and while many doctors told me that my active career was the cause of my pain, I knew that wasn’t true.

Hortensia’s kind and loving spirit made me feel welcome and safe. Before she began her treatment she had already deduced my areas of pain without me having told her and identified energetic areas that needed healing. During her treatments I enjoyed resting and not having to reiterate my story in words but rather allow her to work in silence. Afterwards I felt rested and relaxed. My back pain went away in just one treatment! I left feeling lighter, aligned and hopeful.

Hortensia blessed me in that she gifted me treatments and still invested 100% of her attention and care in my healing process. I am so glad that I have met her and am grateful for her treatments. Hortensia is clearly an expert in her field and a gift to those who seek healing!

– Lauren K. (Alaska, USA)

Emotional and Physical Healing

I live in the U.K but travelled out to America to see this beautiful country and too breath some fresh air from my life that had come falling down. I was told about Hortensia by my mother who is on the same course as her. So I had so check this out for myself.

Hortensia work on me, after my motorbike accident which happened in April 2017! I am only 22 years old yet the amount of trauma I had gone through was incredible! To make it clearer I actually died from this accident. Luckily the surgeons who were operating on me managed to bring me back after I had my outer body experience, staring at myself dead on the table hearing that flat line sound which has never left my head.

Seeing and meeting Hortensia for the first time yesterday she managed to tell me this before I had even said anything. She could see the amount of pain, stress, hurt, self belief and power I had lost within me. All the energy I had was being sucked from me from angles of doubt and disbelief. We had our session where she drew all the unnecessary energy out closing those doors that needed to be shut. She then focused on my right leg which is where I've had metal work placed due too my bike accident. She managed to take the pain and traumatic experience out away from that place. All the aches and injury I had causes my poor leg, Hortensia tuned in to relieve that pressure.

24 hours after I had my session with Hortensia I feel that my heavy heart has now become free, love and confidence has started pouring back into my life. Doubt is far out My window then it's ever been. My leg where so much pain from the accident has stopped giving me so much grief! I can't start to thank Hortensia enough by spending time with me using her unforgettable skills. Talented doesn't even come close to how powerful this women is. You are most definitely a master at you're own work! I'll 100% be spending more time with her without a doubt. I've never felt so in tune with my own soul. You've brought back my life, my energy and my love for living. Healing of the best kind.

Thank you, thank you. 10/10 and highly recommended! I'll be spreading the word across the world. God bless you.

– Sam F. (Utah, USA)

Emotional Healing

I had one of those childhoods that left me traumatised and scared.

I’ve worked hard emotionally on myself and I’m quite clear however my body has a painful way of living still programmed into his bones. I have been trying to find people to work with for years. I have found some and have received little bits of relief here in there, but nothing that really stuck.

Today I received a 15 minute introduction session to Hortensia Frelinghuysen work. Say my mind is blown is an understatement. It’s very hard to find such incredible healers to work with and I am incredibly honoured to have that one.

If you’re looking for relief from physical pain or need to heal emotional trauma do yourself a favour and check out this amazing lady .

I am so grateful and will be booking months and months of work with her. In fact I wish her had a 6 month program I would sign up now.

She has dedicated her life to giving to others. I wanted to send a huge shout out to Hortensia Frelinghuysen.

– Catrina (Australia)

Physical Detox

Heal with Hortensia Frelinghuysen friend! Hortensia is an amazing healer. She did so much for me I don't think I even know it all 🙂 System detox, cleared up my Chakras so I was open to receive all that was coming to me, and she eliminated some aggravating hip pain that I have had for a long time. I feel better than I have for years!

– Brenda S-T. USA)

Physical and Emotional Healing

Shoutout to the magnificent

✨✨✨Hortensia Frelinghuysen✨✨✨


Hortensia is a delightful client of mine

& I KNOW how special her energy is. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Imagine my delight when she offered me

A complimentary treatment 🥂🥂🥂

In one session she worked on

✨ a lump on my hand (from a fall) ➡️ decreasing its size by 75% 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

✨ my lower back ➡️ throwing pain to my left leg ➡️ dramatically improving that

✨ worked on my psoriasis ➡️ my hairdresser & I both recognise the incredible difference

Hortensia is truly a ❤️ inspired entrepreneur

She is generous, talented & the real deal 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Hortensia is just an absolute gift 🥳🥳🥳

Watch this space ........

This woman is sky rocketing to brilliance 🥂🥂🥂

With her gifts being widely recognised.

She deserves it 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

If you want healing and are ready to leave

behind anything holding you back

Call on Hortensia’s brilliance 😇😇😇

You’ll be pleased you did 🔮🔮🔮

Thank you Hortensia from the bottom of my heart ❤️❤️❤️

Sending love your way today darling 💗💗💗

– Treena (Australia)

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