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Hortensia Frelinghuysen

Transformational Spiritual Healer & Energy Alchemist

I am a transformational spiritual healer and energy alchemist with over 3 decades of experience helping healers, leaders and visionary women to bring their energy into alignment with their soul-embodied business. I activate my clients by clearing their life traumas and physical ailments that hold them back from living their true purpose and fully embodying their mission in the New Earth paradigm. 


“I had a bad motorcycle accident. During surgery I actually died. Luckily, the surgeons operating on me managed to bring me back after my out-of-body experience, staring at myself dead on the table ... Hortensia told me this without me saying anything, drew all unnecessary energies out and extracted from my operated leg all the pain, grief and trauma I was carrying in just one session. I've never felt so in tune with my own soul.”

— Sam Fox, Artist

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