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Quantum Healing & Business Activation
12-week PACKAGE


That flame burning within you is a daily reminder that you are here to change the world. You know your soul business is your path to divine alignment, but there is something constantly pulling you back from reaching your goals.

Did you know that there is a direct link between being stuck in your business and chronic illness and unhealed emotional trauma?


Physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual trauma causes dis-ease within the body. This amplifies any existing challenges and introducing obstacles (both physical and experiential) that make you feel like nothing you do is enough to “make it” as a visionary entrepreneur.

This is why I created the Quantum Healing & Business Activation program: to support emerging healers, leaders and visionaries in activating their healing journeys. Through my gift of energy medicine, I am a powerful catalyst for divine embodiment in the New Earth paradigm.

The Quantum Healing & Business Activation is a bespoke 1:1 experience that runs across 12 weeks and includes weekly 60min quantum healing and energy medicine, as well as tools and guidance to bring that spark back into your business.

Your bespoke experience will involve:

  • experiencing radical transformation through energy medicine at quantum field levels to heal the most critical emotional trauma standing in the way of your fulfillment

  • discovering clarity in all aspects of life and business by identifying tools that support your personal development

  • developing your intuitive abilities to assist you in identifying when self-sabotaging patterns are trying to take hold, and when you are engaging in disempowering stories rather than trusting your Higher Self and taking aligned action


​Did you know that the stress and challenges we go through while managing the ups and downs of everyday life and business show clear repercussions in our physical bodies?


Are you feeling:

  • overwhelmed?

  • like you’re constantly in fight or flight mode?

  • constantly tired, both physically and mentally?

  • like it’s so hard to get up every morning because of aches in the bones, joints or ligaments?

  • like you can’t sleep because your brain won’t wind down due to stress and anxiety?

  • like you have all these amazing plans and ideas for changing the world but feel like you’re stuck in a loop in your business?

Did you know that all of the above situations LOWER YOUR INMUNE SYSTEM and compromise your overall health and wellbeing?

How different your life would be if you FELT FREE from these conditions?

What if your business could thrive and impact the lives of hundreds of people?

Experience powerful healing and Energy Alchemy to:

  • strengthen your immune system and fight off the most difficult viral infections, while defusing the undercurrent of stress wreaking havoc with your energy

  • activate your business’ energy and catalyze your success through proven healing and activation in the quantum field using energy medicine (my unique modality)

  • soul search to discover what is causing this state of chronic conditions of grief, anxiety and overwhelm

  • discover the divine power you hold within and ACTIVATE YOUR MISSION in the New Earth paradigm

  • gain reassurance in your deeper knowing about your Soul purpose

  • acquire the strength, clarity, and consistency and perseverance to develop your projects


You will acquire deep recognition that you are a change maker and agent of peace and entitled to your heart desires.

In this unique blend of business guidance and tailored healing sessions provides the opportunity for you to identify your soulful vision so that you can design the stages of your journey and identify the tools that will serve your growth.

You will embody your diving business CEO energies of power, inner strength, creativity and abundance, while recovering your inner knowing and focus while you shift your business model for success through self-trust.


What My Clients Are Saying:

'Hello my name is Ari. I currently exist in California. I work as an ocean lifeguard in Newport beach. I love to be in the water surfing, bodysurfing, diving or just being. My favorite place in the world so far are the Hawaiian Islands, which is where I connected with Hortensia.  When I heard about the work Hortencia performs, I was curious to try.


At this point in my life I am in the process of awakening and transforming into my higher self. I found myself searching for things to feed the soul. Now I am becoming more aware of internal energies and how they take up space inside our physical mind and body.


Naturally through this transformation I am attracting people, situations, opportunities and amazing moments of growth and awareness. I found myself searching for things to feed the soul. I am becoming more aware of internal energies and how they take up space inside our physical mind and body. Certain energies have the ability to impair your body from functioning at full potential; physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Thank you Hortensia for helping me to transform into a better version of myself!'


~ Ari, from California, USA


'Her insight and experience are vast. Her compassion and patience for her clients unmeasurable.


A friend introduced me to Hortensia in 2014. It was one Sunday during the fall when he suggested to take part in meditation followed by a homemade hearty and tasty vegetarian dinner at Hortensia’s warm and welcoming home. He explained that unlike most hands on healing modalities, Integrated healing does not require to touch the patient and is mainly focused on cleaning the energetic body of a person before energising it.


Hortensia welcomed us with her warm hospitality, a beautiful smile and her radiant personality. Little did I know how much my life would change thanks to this remarkable lady who is totally dedicated and committed to healing, teaching, empowering and helping us in making better life choices for ourselves.


My personal life was going through a huge transformation. I was in the middle of a long drawn out divorce and found myself vulnerable and anxious. The prospect of moving home and starting all over again felt daunting.


Hortensia was a real life safer. My self esteem was low and I felt like a deer which had been let out into the wilderness soon to be surrounded my hungry wolves. These were the early days when Hortensia came to visit me after undesirable encounter’s with attorneys or potential lovers.


She healed and held me, never judging but giving me encouragement to be the independent, powerful woman I was born to be.


We live during interesting times where mankind is waking up to honour, respect and love the divine feminine ones again. The nurturing, caring, healing, creative and intuitive aspect which is residing in all of us regardless of our gender is waiting to be recognised and embraced. It all starts at home, loving and accepting who we are will attract this quality in others. Integrated healing will clear, heal and balance you on many levels. Hortensia works with her clients to heal the physical, emotional and higher energetic bodies. Her insight and experience are vast. Her compassion and patience for her clients unmeasurable.


As for myself, I have started to take Integrated healing workshops and bless the day I met Hortensia.'


~ Manuela Witts, from England


Book a FREE discovery call HERE to discover if this is an aligned fit for you.


About Hortensia 

I am a Transformational Spiritual Healer and Energy Alchemist with 35 years' experience. I help emerging Healers, Leaders and Visionary Women to align their energy field with their soul-embodied business through the power of Energy Medicine. 

As a catalyst for deep transformation, I activate my clients to clear their life traumas and physical ailments which hold them back from living their true purpose and ignite their accelerated spiritual development so they can fully embody their mission to impact others in this New Earth paradigm. 

What makes me different to other healers and coaches you may have worked with?

To start, I’ve created my own unique modality, developed over 3 decades of experience and investigative studies in the field of energy resulting in the attainment of 7 Master Healer levels in various modalities and disciplines. This has seen me successfully heal over 14,000 cases. 

I can see what troubles you and I can not only heal that but hold your hand as you walk the path of the wealthy healer and leader. When you fall, you will feel my arms embrace you in spirit and energy, and my heart will guide you as you continue your journey 

towards healing yourself and the world. 

More Client Love 

'As a published author that writes about health and healing, I have come across many healing modalities and many ‘so-called’ healers. Of all of the healers I have met and work with, Hortensia is right at the top of my list. I recall one healing session I had with her after my marriage ended and I had been really struggling emotionally for more than a year, as well as the physical symptoms that had appeared as lower back and neck pain. One Celestial Healing session with Hortensia and my suffering released, and suddenly I was seeing life in a new light. My lower back and neck pain also dissolved soon afterwards. She is the Real Deal!’ 

~ Steven, from Byron Bay 

'Hortensia worked on me after my motorbike accident, which happened in April 2017! I am only 22 years old yet the amount of trauma I had gone through was incredible! To make it clearer I actually died from this accident. Luckily, the surgeons who were operating on me managed to bring me back. Hortensia [was able to tell me details about my experience] before I had even said anything. She could see the amount of pain, stress, hurt, self-belief and power I had lost within me. 24 hours after I had my session with Hortensia, I feel that my heavy heart has now become free; love and confidence has started pouring back into 

my life. My leg where so much pain from the accident has stopped giving me so much grief! I can't thank Hortensia enough - talented doesn't even come close to how powerful this woman is. I'll 100% be spending more time with her without a doubt. I've never felt so in tune with my own soul. You've brought back my life, my energy and my love for living.' 

~ Sam Fox, from London 

'Hortensia is an amazing healer with a huge heart and generous spirit. Her healings are gentle, yet powerful, and have helped me more than words can express. She’s helped me in many different challenging moments in my life; from physical pain to emotional imbalances and ancestral healing. Her healings have aided me in working through childhood trauma and have helped relieve pain from migraines that I’ve experienced from a young age. She also helped me when I had a foot injury, which I was able to heal from quickly with her help'. 

~ Aubrey, from Hawaii 

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