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FROM PARALYZED TO POWERFUL: Unlocking Your Magical Brilliancy and Sacred Feminine Power

Image by Ryan Moreno

You are an agent of peace, an intuitive leader of the New Earth and an active world changer. YOU KNOW THIS WITHIN.


BUT you feel stuck and don’t have any clarity around what is keeping you from stepping into the light of your wisdom so you can share your magic with the world.


My dear woman, you need to heal from the deep traumas that have seeded themselves within you, obscuring the power of your gifts and blocking you from moving forward.


Time and again you allow those self-sabotaging patterns to emerge and take control of your life and your business. Perhaps you don’t even know where they come from.


Perhaps the trauma has ridden with your soul in and out of many lives, and has culminated in this moment, the one where you say, “enough is enough”.


You are ready to rise from the shadows and become the powerful feminine leader that you are, ready to serve from a place of confidence, ease, and intention.


I know this because I HAVE BEEN WHERE YOU ARE!


I have felt the lowest moments of abandonment and trauma, and I have risen to the highest highs that are only possible through true self-expression and, more importantly, acceptance.


Will you take on the mantle of strength, peace, clarity, and leadership that is your birthright? Or will you deny the world the gifts that would bring so much change when the planet most needs it?


You don’t need permission to shine. I invite you to take a quantum leap in your life and as a healer so that you may fully embody your power and be in true balance with your masculine by nourishing the feminine spirit inside you.




The start of our journey together focuses on:

  • Healing ancestral patterns

  • Connecting the Divine Feminine principle of stillness within you

  • Recognizing yourself as divine expression

  • Recreating yourself from Zero to Zero point


Story: Dealing with childhood abuse and trauma and internal baggage


Teaching: What becomes possible when you decide that “enough is enough”


Action: Meditation to activate you into surrender and passion for your New Life





Once you have mastered the empowerment stage of the journey, the next stage is to embody your learnings and explore:

  • Clearing resistances to using your own power

  • Fear of responsibility

  • Ritual to connect to your divine self


Story: My resistance to be called a healer and using my limitless power


Teaching: I paid a big price, but a mystery was revealed!


Action: Are you ready? Exercise to journey to the depths of your being through inner connection to cellular levels and the sacred waters




This is the stage where you begin to create! You will participate in live energy clearing sessions for the following feelings and limiting beliefs:

  • Self-trust

  • Unforgiveness

  • Distrust

  • Fear of rejection

  • Self-sabotaging patterns

  • Lack of clarity

  • Procrastination

  • I'm not good enough

  • I’m never going to make it

  • Powerlessness

  • Overwhelm



Do you ever find yourself asking why you didn’t listen to your gut feeling or your inner voice that told you which decision to make or direction to go? That was your clairvoyant self, trying to guide you.


Or maybe you've had an experience seeing an intuitive reader in an attempt to find more clarity on a situation, and left feeling that they affirmed messages that you *already* knew?


What if you could trust your own intuition?


This module focuses on the development of your intuitive abilities. We will look at:

  • What intuition is

  • How intuition is innate to your being

  • Why you want to expand your intuition

  • Your “why” (what drives you in your passions)

  • How channeling intuitive guidance will change your life

  • How to use your intuition effectively for healing work


Together, we will also explore a process for accessing your intuition easily and heightening your clairs:

  • SEEING: Clairvoyance

  • HEARING: Clairaudience

  • FEELING: Clairsentience

  • SMELLING: Clairalience

  • TASTING: Clairgustance

  • KNOWING: Claircognizance

This will be an opportunity to understand which of the clairs comes most naturally to you and explore how this is an ever change process as you expand overtime by exercising your intuitive muscle.


EXERCISE: This module includes an exploration into how the chakra system supports your intuition and healing work:

  • Chakra system overview

  • Physical function of the chakras

  • Emotional function of the chakras

  • Chakra Alignment

  • Physical exercises to clean chakra System





Now that you have the foundation set, it is time to step into the path of goddess embodiment and claim the divine feminine leader that you are. We will explore:

  • Developing leadership skills

  • Goddess livelihood

  • Creating your sanctuary

  • How to navigate changes

  • Goddess and service

  • Goddess mastery

  • Connecting to the divine masculine principle of action

  • Restructuring with feminine energies within you

  • Shakti dance for embodiment




Once you have mastered goddess embodiment, it is up to you to set the intention to choose to stand within your creative power and sovereignty as the healer and leader you are.


You do this through:

  • Unlocking your abundance, potential and alignment

  • Soul work: Learn how to create impact and income by identifying your soul vision

  • Quantum leaping your life and business call with me

  • Clearing your blockages through energy medicine that holds you back from experiencing your dream life

  • Wealth, prosperity and abundance healing





When you stand in your power, it becomes effortless to connect with your soul and higher consciousness. This module will explore:

  • Reactivating the truth of who you are

  • Activations focused on deepening your connection to your soul and transmuting the old programs that are connected to the old paradigm

  • Aura clearings to activate your energy and light frequencies


Remember: You were born for this, born to be here at this time. You feel the shift within you, there's a relentlessness within your soul and a passion for service!





Your magical material, emotional, and spiritual manifestations will effortlessly create the life and business you have envisioned. You are a lightworker who incarnated here at this time, to co-create the New Earth Paradigm.


This module will support you in this process by focusing on:

  • Clearing your manifestation blocks and activating your lightbody

  • Co-creating the new reality, not just for yourself but for all of humanity

  • Creating and activating your divine temple

  • Prayers, affirmations, activations, mantras, and sacred names of The Mother

As you read this, I know the realization is flashing through your mind - that you can FEEL the transformation happening already. Simply by stepping into this sacred container, you will have activated a potent journey that begins within and culminates in the expansion of your consciousness and your soul work.

Are you ready? It's time to activate your divine feminine power.

Need to ask questions first? Book a FREE discovery call here:


About Hortensia 

I am a Transformational Spiritual Healer and Energy Alchemist with 35 years' experience. I help emerging Healers, Leaders and Visionary Women to align their energy field with their soul-embodied business through the power of Energy Medicine. 

As a catalyst for deep transformation, I activate my clients to clear their life traumas and physical ailments which hold them back from living their true purpose and ignite their accelerated spiritual development so they can fully embody their mission to impact others in this New Earth paradigm. 

What makes me different to other healers and coaches you may have worked with?

To start, I’ve created my own unique modality, developed over 3 decades of experience and investigative studies in the field of energy resulting in the attainment of 7 Master Healer levels in various modalities and disciplines. This has seen me successfully heal over 14,000 cases. 

I can see what troubles you and I can not only heal that but hold your hand as you walk the path of the wealthy healer and leader. When you fall, you will feel my arms embrace you in spirit and energy, and my heart will guide you as you continue your journey 

towards healing yourself and the world. 

Client Love 

'As a published author that writes about health and healing, I have come across many healing modalities and many ‘so-called’ healers. Of all of the healers I have met and work with, Hortensia is right at the top of my list. I recall one healing session I had with her after my marriage ended and I had been really struggling emotionally for more than a year, as well as the physical symptoms that had appeared as lower back and neck pain. One Celestial Healing session with Hortensia and my suffering released, and suddenly I was seeing life in a new light. My lower back and neck pain also dissolved soon afterwards. She is the Real Deal!’ 

~ Steven, from Byron Bay 

'Hortensia worked on me after my motorbike accident, which happened in April 2017! I am only 22 years old yet the amount of trauma I had gone through was incredible! To make it clearer I actually died from this accident. Luckily, the surgeons who were operating on me managed to bring me back. Hortensia [was able to tell me details about my experience] before I had even said anything. She could see the amount of pain, stress, hurt, self-belief and power I had lost within me. 24 hours after I had my session with Hortensia, I feel that my heavy heart has now become free; love and confidence has started pouring back into 

my life. My leg where so much pain from the accident has stopped giving me so much grief! I can't thank Hortensia enough - talented doesn't even come close to how powerful this woman is. I'll 100% be spending more time with her without a doubt. I've never felt so in tune with my own soul. You've brought back my life, my energy and my love for living.' 

~ Sam Fox, from London 

'Hortensia is an amazing healer with a huge heart and generous spirit. Her healings are gentle, yet powerful, and have helped me more than words can express. She’s helped me in many different challenging moments in my life; from physical pain to emotional imbalances and ancestral healing. Her healings have aided me in working through childhood trauma and have helped relieve pain from migraines that I’ve experienced from a young age. She also helped me when I had a foot injury, which I was able to heal from quickly with her help'. 

~ Aubrey, from Hawaii 

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