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Healer's Activation Individual Coaching Program

Image by Milada Vigerova

Your soul mission is to serve humanity with your gifts as a healer. Your vision to send ripples throughout the world that will usher in the New Earth that has been promised is strong. 


But your self-doubt is stronger. 

You make decisions then un-make them after you've had time to let the doubt creep back in. You know you're meant for more in this life, but you're not sure how to get there. You feel muddled and distanced from your gift. 

You can't seem to step fully into your role as a healer, even though this is the destiny that calls you. 

My superpower is removing the blockages - whatever they may be, no matter how recent or distant their origin - preventing you from completely embodying the role of the healer. 

By freeing yourself from the constraints of your own limiting beliefs or patterns carried from your ancestral lines, you WILL return to the truth of your role in this life. You WILL step into your purpose as a healer of the New Earth.

The Healer's Activation is a 4-week intensive healing and coaching program that focuses on removing what binds you to a life that is less than what you dreamed it would be.

As a result of our work together, you will feel: 

  • alleviated from the weight of foreign energies 

  • clear in your decision making about the next steps in your business 

  • that you intuitive abilities have expanded suddenly 

  • confident in your abilities as a healer and inspired to unapologetically share your gifts with powerful intention 

  • ready to step unapologetically into your role as a healer of the New Earth


As a bonus, you may feel: 

  • reduced pain for any pre-existing physical conditions 

  • balanced energy 

  • free from emotional turmoil 


My client, Jodi, shared these beautiful words with me after a single healing session: 

"Last week I received such an amazing long distance healing last week from you Hortensia! I felt it immediately when I woke up the next day… I felt clear and openly happy! 

Before the healing,  my energy was all entangled with too many people, and I was crying all the time! I had such a blessed week this week and I’m ready to tackle whatever is needed! 

From one healer to another- Thank you thank you for being the brilliant healer that you are!" 

The Healer's Activation program includes:

  • 4 x 60min transformational healing energy transmissions (distance) (Valued at $1,188)

  • A personalised Akashic Records reading channeled live via Zoom (30min) (Valued at $250)

  • Meditations and journaling tasks between sessions to ground the transformation (Valued at $200)

  • 1 x 60min emergency healing session (to be used at any time within our 4 weeks together) (Valued at $1,000)




Let's unlock your healer's magic together!

If you are ready to let go of everything you are carrying that isn't yours and activate the healer within, apply for the program by completing this form or book a clarity call to explore if this is the right fit for you.

I look forward to walking alongside you on this journey! 

Love and light,
Hortensia x

Need to ask questions first? Book a Healer's Activation Clarity Call here:


About Hortensia 

I am a Transformational Spiritual Healer and Energy Alchemist with 35 years' experience. I help emerging Healers, Leaders and Visionary Women to align their energy field with their soul-embodied business through the power of Energy Medicine. 

As a catalyst for deep transformation, I activate my clients to clear their life traumas and physical ailments which hold them back from living their true purpose and ignite their accelerated spiritual development so they can fully embody their mission to impact others in this New Earth paradigm. 

What makes me different to other healers and coaches you may have worked with?

To start, I’ve created my own unique modality, developed over 3 decades of experience and investigative studies in the field of energy resulting in the attainment of 7 Master Healer levels in various modalities and disciplines. This has seen me successfully heal over 12,000 cases. 

I can see what troubles you and I can not only heal that but hold your hand as you walk the path of the wealthy healer and leader. When you fall, you will feel my arms embrace you in spirit and energy, and my heart will guide you as you continue your journey 

towards healing yourself and the world. 

Client Love 

'As a published author that writes about health and healing, I have come across many healing modalities and many ‘so-called’ healers. Of all of the healers I have met and work with, Hortensia is right at the top of my list. I recall one healing session I had with her after my marriage ended and I had been really struggling emotionally for more than a year, as well as the physical symptoms that had appeared as lower back and neck pain. One Celestial Healing session with Hortensia and my suffering released, and suddenly I was seeing life in a new light. My lower back and neck pain also dissolved soon afterwards. She is the Real Deal!’ 

~ Steven, from Byron Bay 

'Hortensia worked on me after my motorbike accident, which happened in April 2017! I am only 22 years old yet the amount of trauma I had gone through was incredible! To make it clearer I actually died from this accident. Luckily, the surgeons who were operating on me managed to bring me back. Hortensia [was able to tell me details about my experience] before I had even said anything. She could see the amount of pain, stress, hurt, self-belief and power I had lost within me. 24 hours after I had my session with Hortensia, I feel that my heavy heart has now become free; love and confidence has started pouring back into 

my life. My leg where so much pain from the accident has stopped giving me so much grief! I can't thank Hortensia enough - talented doesn't even come close to how powerful this woman is. I'll 100% be spending more time with her without a doubt. I've never felt so in tune with my own soul. You've brought back my life, my energy and my love for living.' 

~ Sam Fox, from London 

'Hortensia is an amazing healer with a huge heart and generous spirit. Her healings are gentle, yet powerful, and have helped me more than words can express. She’s helped me in many different challenging moments in my life; from physical pain to emotional imbalances and ancestral healing. Her healings have aided me in working through childhood trauma and have helped relieve pain from migraines that I’ve experienced from a young age. She also helped me when I had a foot injury, which I was able to heal from quickly with her help'. 

~ Aubrey, from Hawaii 

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