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Hortensia Frelinghuysen

Transformational Spiritual Healer & Energy Alchemist

Hortensia Frelinghuysen is that thing that many of us seek but rarely find: The Real Deal. A medical intuitive, master spiritual healer, ascension coach and spiritual teacher.

Hortensia is a gentle and compassionate soul who can guide you through your healing journey and, quite literally, take away your (physical) pain.

Hortensia has walked the path of the healer for over three decades and has over 14,000 successful physical and emotional healings under her belt. Having received the call to spiritual healing at a young age, she has been called a “modern day saint” by many of those who have experienced the benefits of her gifts.

Hortensia relishes in the ability to help others awaken their own potential, as she believes that we all have abilities that can be developed and guided towards good. A true healer, Hortensia facilitates the release on energies that inhabit the body and block the chakras and flow of energy. “Stuck” energies contribute to disease, as does repressed emotional issues.

Hortensia helps clear your body of these dark energies to enable your body to operate at a higher vibration and welcome health, self-love and abundance.

A lifelong learner who believes in backing up her skills with education and qualification, Hortensia holds seven Master-level qualifications in the healing arts, as well as degrees in science, including philosophy, psychology, bodywork, dance, craniosacral therapy, self-development, meditation, bioenergetics, and Akhasic Records. She is also a certified MT in the sacred Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Pu’awaii tradition and has had extensive education and experience in entrepreneurship.

Hortensia provides in-person and remote healing sessions. She also runs in-depth programs designed to identify the underlying causes of physical illness and empower you to deal with your blockages and emerge with tools and techniques to aid in your ongoing journey towards complete soul healing.



“I had a bad motorcycle accident. During surgery I actually died. Luckily, the surgeons operating on me managed to bring me back after my out-of-body experience, staring at myself dead on the table ... Hortensia told me this without me saying anything, drew all unnecessary energies out and extracted from my operated leg all the pain, grief and trauma I was carrying in just one session. I've never felt so in tune with my own soul.”

— Sam Fox, Artist

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